Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I need a Federal Employers Number?

No, but if you are selling your art, you should collect Florida Sales Tax.  

You are considered a business and if you sell over $600.00 your are required to claim the money on your Federal Tax Return.

2.  Do I need to bring a table or a tent?

Yes, Fort Myers Art Walk does not provide you with a tent, table or chair

3.  Can I share a space with another artist?

Yes, you can - as long as you don't use more than the allowed space.

Table space - no larger than 8 feet X 4 feet

Tent space - no larger than 10 feet X 10 feet

4. When can I set up and where?

You can set up after 5 pm on the NORTH side of First Street from Jackson Street to Monroe Street.  If the barricades are in place - move them, then drive your car into your designated assigned location and unload your art.  Then drive out of the barricaded area and park your car.  You can park at any 2 hour street parking out of the barricaded area after 5pm or park in the parking garage.  $5.00 to park in the garage.  Artists will not set up prior to 5pm and will not attempt to block a space or set up prior to check in.  No spot is guaranteed to any artist.   

​5. Artist will check in with an RDA representative and confirm payment prior to set up in front of Iberia Bank at First And Hendry Streets.  

6. Artists will be provided a RDA Table Cover for their table - which must be returned at the end of the night to the RDA representative in front of Iberia Bank.    Failure to return the table cover will prevent artist from attending future events.  Teardown of table or tent should be completed by 10:30 pm

7.  How do I know Art Walk is not cancelled?

Art Walk has NEVER been cancelled in the almost 10 years that this event has been happening.  We have it Rain, Shine or Cold.  We even have it on Holidays.  

8.  Do you have a map of the galleries and shops that have art?

Yes, we do currently you can find them at Arts for ACT Gallery

located at 2265 First Street in the heart of the River District.

You can also download a map from this web page.


9.  Artists my paint live at the event but NO Spray paint, hot, sharp or hazardous materials may be used.  No substances are to be put on the street.  Artist will be held liable for city cleanup fees.

10.  RDA representative is in charge of Fort Myers Art Walk, failure to comply with the representative may result in you being asked to leave.  

11. The River District Alliance is not responsible for any damage to items brought to Art Walk.  

12.  You must fill out and return the Artist Application 

13. You did not answer my question.


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